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Southwest Florida Inspected Home

Home Inspections

By Definition and under the State of Florida Standards of Practice (SOP) an inspection is a visual, non-invasive assessment of accessible areas of a residential property at the date & time the inspection is performed. Typically the report is performed within the Standards of Practice of the State of Florida. Many Home inspectors including Accredited Building Consultants, Inc. go above and beyond the standards. Our typical home inspection covers the home’s structural systems, electrical systems, HVAC systems, plumbing, and some appliances.

New Construction Inspections

We specialize in all types of construction inspections. We are veterans in the industry with work experience and credentials in the building trades, professional supervision, and project management and inspection occupations. We are experienced in all phases and types of construction that are conventional to the Southwest Florida area.

New Construction Home
Mustang Center Naples Florida

Commercial Inspections

Whether you are an investor purchasing an existing building, a tenant considering the lease of a building, a building owner seeking to learn more about your existing property either before listing it for sale or undertaking renovations, Accredited Building Consultants, can provide the services you need rapidly and effectively at a very competitive rate.

Additional Services

01. Pool & Spa Inspection

Pools and spas are very popular in many Southwest Florida homes. If you are purchasing a home with a swimming pool and/or spa we highly recommend that you have this valuable asset inspected by us.

02. Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging technology along with an inspector that understands and has the expertise in thermography has camera specific training, has building-related expertise, understands basic building science principles and has the knowledge of construction details, materials and other historic or visual clues can be crucial in finding defects in a structure.

03. Dock & Seawall Inspections

It’s important to conduct regular maintenance; without it, owners can expect that their seawalls and docks will not last to their full life expectancy and unfortunately, repair costs can be high. Our inspection can determine what needs to be done and what takes higher priority.

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